Miracle Face Massage

Miracle Face Massage

A Symphony for Your Skin:Our Miracle Face Facial Massage is a personalized symphony for your skin. Experience the harmonious blend of expert touch and premium skincare products, creating a melody of rejuvenation and radiance.

Book Your Radiant Experience:Ready to unveil a more luminous version of yourself? Book your Miracle Face Facial Massage now and embark on a journey to radiant skin and relaxation. Because your skin deserves a touch of magic.

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Lymphatic Detox

Promote lymphatic drainage, aiding in the removal of toxins and reducing puffiness for a sculpted, revitalized look.

Youthful Radiance

Stimulate collagen production, enhancing your skin's natural glow and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Holistic Well-being

Beyond skincare, our Miracle Face Massage contributes to your overall well-being, fostering a sense of beauty from within.

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Relative contraindication

  • Certain Medications:Clients on certain medications, such as blood thinners or medications affecting blood pressure, may require medical clearance.
  • Pregnancy Complications:While massage can be beneficial during pregnancy, certain complications (such as preeclampsia or a history of preterm labor) may contraindicate massage.
  • Open Wounds or Burns:Massaging over open wounds, recent surgical incisions, or burns may be contraindicated to prevent infection or further injury.
  • Severe Respiratory Conditions:Conditions like severe asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) may be aggravated by certain massage techniques.

Absolute contraindication

  • Fever:Massage may increase circulation and body temperature, which can be problematic for someone with a fever.
  • Contagious Illness:If a client has a contagious illness or skin condition, it's best to avoid massage to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Acute Injuries:Recent injuries, such as fractures, sprains, or strains, may require time to heal before massage can be considered.
  • Severe Hypertension:Uncontrolled high blood pressure may be exacerbated by massage, so it's crucial to obtain medical clearance before proceeding.
  • Severe Cardiovascular Conditions:Conditions such as recent heart attack, heart failure, or thrombosis may require medical approval before massage.
  • Infectious Skin Conditions:Conditions like ringworm, impetigo, or other contagious skin disorders may be worsened or spread through massage.
  • Severe Edema:In cases of severe edema (fluid retention), massage could potentially worsen the condition. Medical clearance may be necessary.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT):Massage may dislodge a blood clot, so it's generally contraindicated for individuals with a history of DVT.

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