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Why Us?

Wondering where to get waxed? At Good Place Clinic & Spa, we offer the best professional waxing services. Here are just some of the reasons why you should visit our clinic:

We're qualified

  • Waxing is what we do. Waxing is our passion, and we are the best.

  • Our staff is highly qualified in the field, and with many years of waxing experience, you can trust we know what we are doing.

We're clean

  • We are absolute CLEAN FREAKS! Our facilities are spotless, and our techniques are highly hygienic, so you can rest assured that our waxing services are sanitary.

  • Our treatment room is kept clean and tidy at all times.

  • The bed is covered with a disposable bed sheet and is sprayed and wiped down with antibacterial disinfectant after every single person. A fresh bed sheet is used for every appointment.​​

  • All tools soaked in disinfectant or disposed of after each guest.​​

  • If you’re having an intimate wax treatment and you add on another treatment such as nostril, lip or underarm wax, we’ll dispose of the gloves used for your intimate wax and put on new gloves before I wax your other body parts.

  • All areas are cleaned daily at the end of each day and all stock including wax, lotions and gels are checked to ensure they are in date and haven’t been opened for too long – but to be honest we are so busy that none of my stock lasts long enough to go out of date, it’s been well used up by then.

  • We NEVER double-dip application tools. All sticks used are medical grade depressors. We dip them in wax, apply them to the client, then dispose of them.

We're affordable

  • Affordable waxing services in the heart of Dublin city, with premium quality supplies.

  • We continually strive to be the best and serve our clients at reasonable prices.

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