Ingrid Walters

Ingrid started the company back in 2018 offering mobile Waxing Services, going to clients houses all around Dublin by bus. Ingrid came to Dublin as an International Student and didn't take long to discover her talent and deep passion for the beauty industry. Along with her background in Marketing and Publicity, Ingrid quickly spread the word of her unique Waxing Experience around Dublin city.​

From 2018 to 2021, Ingrid was still a sole trader in the business and battled against the many challenges posed by the pandemic. Offering her unique waxing experience, with high standard hygiene and premium quality supplies  at affordable prices, she accomplished not only surviving the pandemic but also managed to expand the business in January 2022.​

Since January 2022 Good Place Clinic & Spa has expanded and now has a full range of beauty services to offer.

Our team

All our specialists have certificates confirming their competence and professionalism.